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Keeping Earth and Environment in mind KemsetUSA set a goal of developing products that will improve the lives of people by creating safe and comfortable living environments; products that do not harm mother Earth and products that will preserve our finite energy resources.  At KemsetUSA you will get the highest possible customer service no matter where you are in USA.  We are here to help.

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Apply over solid backing of concrete, cement block, brick, drywall, plasterboard, OSB, steel structures and many other substrates. Especially suitable for use on structures with ICF construction.


Apply EkoPlast-50 by trowel or pumpspray in such a way to press the material into the substrate for bond strength. Apply a minimum thickness of 3/8" over existing surface. On new installations apply a minimum of 3/4" and up to 1" thickness can be applied in a single coat. Use screeds where necessary to control the thickness for an even flat finish. There are various finish trowel techniques to create a variety of final finishes. Wait 72 hours (should be adjusted according to weather conditions) before painting.


Mix and apply EkoPlast-50 when the ambient and surface temperature is at least 40° F and rising. Ambient and surface temperature must not exceed 120°F during and 24 hours after application.

Surface Preparation

Surfaces must be structurally sound, clean, dry and free of dust, dirt or other contaminates impairing bond. Prepare the surface to be smooth and free of cracks, holes and voids.


For every bag of EkoPlast-50 use 3 gallons of water (Add water if needed to achieve desired consistency). Place quarter of the water in the mixing container and mix while slowly adding a bag of EkoPlast-50 and the rest of the water. Mix for 6 to 8 minutes until it reaches a homogeneous consistency. Continued mixing can be applied as long as each batch is mixed for min 6 minutes. Prepare only enough mixture that can be applied within 2 hours with pumpsprey or trowel.


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